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Why does the Center for Human Reproduction (CHR) endorse FERTINATAL DHEA?

Last updated December 18, 2019

CHR, Center for Human Reproduction, is a leading IVF center in New York City that specializes in providing fertility treatments to women over 40 and those with diminished ovarian reserve. CHR investigators performed most of the studies of DHEA in the medical literature that became the basis for the worldwide use of DHEA as the principal fertility-enhancing supplement in women with low androgen levels*. Performing those studies, CHR’s patients purchased the DHEA from one New York City-based pharmacy that compounded the supplement to specific specifications in order to maximize purity and absorption. Costs for these compounded pills were, however, quite high.

CHR, therefore, started searching for a manufacturer who could produce a less costly DHEA product but to exactly the same specifications as had been used in CHR’s earlier studies. FERTINATAL® DHEA became this product and, indeed, meets all the manufacturing and quality criteria set by the CHR, following CHR’s clinical studies regarding DHEA and female fertility*. Because of the dependable high quality of FERTINATAL®, Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC, has been licensed by CHR to cite their U.S. patents (7,615,544, 8,067,400 and others). CHR receives licensing fees. FERTINATAL® in addition is the only DHEA product on the market that exactly mimics in quality, purity and particle size the compounded DHEA that CHR physicians used in their groundbreaking studies.



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