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Fertinatal® DHEA

The Supplement that Started it All

Our first product - the patented micronized Fertinatal® DHEA - is still our #1 best seller.

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Research and Compassion. A perfect pair.

Our mission is to discover and design clinical-grade supplements. We aim to support your reproductive and sexual health, right down to a cellular level.

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Clinical-grade supplements to support female reproductive health from multiple fronts*.



Clinical-grade supplements to support men's reproductive health*.

At-Home Tests

At-Home Tests

At-home tests to understand and support fertility holistically, all vetted by the Ovaterra science team.



Our best-selling supplements, bundled together to support his and her reproductive health*.

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Jennifer M.

"Ovaterra makes me feel confident in my reproductive health each day."

Rania E.

Age 40+

"It's amazing what it does for women over 40."

Ashley N.

Age 38

"I feel good knowing that I'm giving my body the best shot."

Krystal N.

Age <35

"My doctor says this is the best quality. Sticking with it until pregnant."

Michelle G.

Age 40+

"Wish I started taking this sooner."

Anna H.

Age 40+

"My doctors recommended them. They have no impurities. Love them. They are the best."

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Whether you’re looking for basic information, clinical research, or guidance on navigating your reproductive health, we have you covered.

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