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It Starts with the Egg Fertility Supplements, Co-Developed with Author Rebecca Fett


Last updated January 06, 2022

It Starts with the Egg author Rebecca Fett

Looking for supplements to support your fertility journey? Look no further. At Ovaterra, we worked with Rebecca Fett, the best-selling author of the guide “It Starts with the Egg” (and pictured on left), to craft fertility supplements that make it easy for you to follow the book’s supplement strategy.

Take a look at our age-based recommendations.


It Starts with the Egg Supplements for Women 40 and up

If you are a woman 40 and up, choose from 3 options: Advanced Prenatal, 40+ Starter Pack or It Starts with the Egg Preconception Pack. All options follow Rebecca's supplement strategy for women on the journey in their 40s.

Advanced Prenatal

If you are trying naturally or already pregnant, take Advanced Prenatal to support your prenatal health. Formulated in collaboration with Rebecca, it supplies 24 key vitamins and minerals that support the mom and the baby during pregnancy and nursing, along with a full daily amount of brain-building choline and active folate. See here for more on what It Starts with the Egg recommends during the prenatal period.

40+ Starter Pack

If you are trying and want to also support your ovarian health with DHEA*, 40+ Starter Pack is for you. Along with the Advanced Prenatal, this pack comes with our flagship Fertinatal DHEA to support ovarian health*. Fertinatal is a patented, micronized DHEA, developed by the fertility specialists at the Center for Human Reproduction and one of the recommended brands by Rebecca.

It Starts with the Egg Preconception Pack for Women 40+

If you’ve been on the journey for a while – or want to follow all of the supplement strategies Rebecca outlines in her popular guide to egg quality, It Starts with the Egg Preconception Pack for Women 40+ is the perfect fit. The ISWTE pack provides multifaceted preconception support – and lets you save 25%, compared to purchasing individual supplements. In addition to Advanced Prenatal and Fertinatal DHEA, the ISWTE Preconception Pack comes with:

  • OvoEnergen Ubiquinol CoQ10: Developed with fertility specialists and Swiss experts of VESIsorb absorption technologies, OvoEnergen supports egg health* through antioxidant protection and mitochondrial energy metabolism.
  • Liquid Vitamin D3+K2: “It Starts with the Egg” points out that low Vitamin D levels may be harmful to reproductive health. Ovaterra’s liquid Vitamin D3+K2 helps maintain healthy Vitamin D levels and supports the baby’s bone development while protecting the mom’s bones and teeth.


It Starts with the Egg Supplements for Women 39 and under

If you are 39 and under, start taking Advanced Prenatal, as soon as you know you’ll start trying soon. Consider adding OvoEnergen CoQ10 to support egg health* and Vitamin D3+K2 to help maintain a healthy Vitamin D level. We are working on a few supplements specifically for women 35-39 – drop your email below to be the first to know when they are ready for you to try.

It Starts with the Egg

It Starts with the Egg

#1 best seller in fertility on Amazon with actionable, science-based fertility tips on nutrition and lifestyle.


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