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Advanced Prenatal vs. Advanced Prep 35-39: Which prenatal is right for you?

We've received questions about choosing between our two Advanced line of multivitamin supplements: Advanced Prenatal and Advanced Prep 35-39. The chart above lets you figure this out by your age, and where you are on your journey.

Here's a quick recap in words:


If you are already pregnant or nursing:

Take the Advanced Prenatal to give comprehensive support to your body and the developing baby. The 24 key vitamins and minerals include the full daily dose of brain-building choline and active folate, vitamins A, Bs, C, D and E in bioavailable forms and minerals like iron in absorption-optimized chelated forms.


If you are currently trying for a pregnancy:

Our recommendation for the preconception period changes based on your age (i.e., the age of the female partner):

Please reach out if we can help you select the preconception and prenatal supplements that best suit your needs. We are with you.



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