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Supplements, at-home tests, ovulation trackers and more to support your preconception period, all evaluated and recommended by Ovaterra's scientific team.

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It Starts with the Egg Preconception Pack for Women 35-39 Refill

Subscribe to this refill pack of the It Starts with the Egg Pack for Women 35-39 and easily continue your full preconception support.

$232.00 $258.00

Wesper At-Home Sleep Test

World's first at-home sleep test with personalized advice from a sleep specialist, with a reproductive health focus.

$199.00 $295.00

Everything: Egg Freezing

Comprehensive, actionable, unbiased guide to egg freezing by two women who did it themselves.


Brain Health from Birth: Nurturing Brain Development during Pregnancy and the First Year

Bestselling author Rebecca Fett's actionable, science-driven guide to baby's brain health from pregnancy to first year.


AndroEnergen™ Ubiquinol CoQ10 for Men with Vitamin D Booster

100 mg softgels of ubiquinol CoQ10 with a Vitamin D booster to support male reproductive health*.

$175.00 $188.00

It Starts with the Egg Preconception Pack for Women 34 & Under Refill

Subscribe for an easy refill of our ultimate preconception support pack for women 34 & under. Co-developed with Rebecca Fett of "It Starts with the Egg" and offered at 25% off.

$214.00 $238.00

Oova Ovulation Tracking Kit

Predict your fertile window via an algorithm-powered, 2-in-1 urine test that's as accurate as a blood test.


Evvy Vaginal Health Test for Reproductive Health

A CLIA-certified at-home vaginal microbiome test to identify the bacterial impact on your reproductive health.

$129.00 $149.00

kegg Fertility Tracker & Kegel Ball

A cervical mucus-based fertility tracker that indicates your 5-day fertile window (and a Kegel ball).


Proov Predict & Confirm Kit

FDA-approved at-home tests to identify your 2 most fertile days and confirm ovulation quality.


Tempdrop Fertility Monitor

The easiest, algorithm-enhanced basal body temperature tool to know when you are fertile and verify ovulation.


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