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It Starts with the Egg: a new book on improving egg quality

Last updated June 11, 2014

Last updated: March 17, 2021

For those struggling with infertility, diving into the world of available research, studies, and advice can be intimidating. Where do you start? With experts spouting complicated, and at times conflicting, advice, and fellow infertility sufferers sharing advice from their own experiences, it can quickly feel like nothing more than overwhelming noise.

But a comprehensive guide – It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett – cuts through that noise, providing an informative but approachable overview of the role egg quality plays in infertility, and offering sound advice on what women can do to improve their egg quality and actively take control of their infertility.

About to start her first IVF cycle, molecular biologist Fett began to think about her egg quality and wondered if there was anything she could do to improve it. Dissatisfied with an unclear answer from her fertility specialist, she decided to do some digging of her own. Fett familiarized herself with scientific research related to egg quality and infertility, and, as she puts it, what she found “revealed a quiet revolution in the way we think about egg quality.”

Fett joined this revolution as she began incorporating certain lifestyle and diet changes and started taking a number of supplements, including DHEA. Her hard work paid off as she improved her egg quality, had a successful IVF cycle, and eventually gave birth to her son. And so she decided to share what she learned with others.

It Starts with the Egg begins with an overview of the latest scientific research regarding infertility and egg quality, explaining what role egg quality plays in pregnancy, and what happens when a woman’s egg quality begins to decline. Fett discusses what external factors can diminish egg quality, and lays out a detailed plan for how to combat those factors.

The book also takes a closer look at the world of fertility supplements, providing clear explanations of what supplements can and cannot do and offering advice on what factors to consider when choosing a fertility supplement. For example, in the case of DHEA, Fett notes that choosing a micronized, pharmaceutical-grade DHEA like FERTINATAL “may be a worthwhile investment if you choose to take DHEA because you are more likely to get the correct dose and a formulation that can actually be absorbed and have an effect, potentially saving the cost of a repeated IVF cycle.”

It Starts with the Egg is an accessible and usable resource that will equip readers with the information to take action toward improving their egg quality and finding their own IVF success story. We are very excited about this book (we admit, it’s hard not to get excited when a book this well-written and well-researched recommends your product), and hope that you’ll find it a helpful guide on your journey.



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