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Reviews Are In! Read What Customers Said about Ovaterra's Vitamin D3+K2


On the fence about incorporating Vitamin D3+K2 into your routine to support reproductive, prenatal and general health? Read what others on the journey have said about our liquid Vitamin D!


Just a drop or two a day!

Ovaterra Vitamin D Review 5 Stars

I like how easy it is to take these Ovaterra drops. I only need one or two drops a day. The citrus taste is fine and the drops are easy to mix with food or water. I like it!

- Elle D., posted on Amazon


Good balance of D and K

Ovaterra Vitamin D Review 5 Stars

Although it might seem expensive, this is a good alternative to capsules, since the little bottle contains 600 doses. Unlike many D3+K2 combinations, which have a huge amount of D and not much K, this one is pretty well balanced. No danger of overdoing the D in order to get the K.

- Amazon customer


Would recommend to my family and friends

Ovaterra Vitamin D Review 4 Stars

I read a lot about this supplement before deciding to give it a try. I’ve been taking it for 2 weeks now and so far, I feel good! It easily fit it into my morning routine. The taste is a little strange at first, but after a few days, you get used to it. I would recommend it to family and friends; it’s a good value with many health benefits!

- Nkechi M.


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Good taste no added “stuff”

Ovaterra Vitamin D Review 5 Stars

I've been taking vitamin D for a while but in soft gel form. I just finished that and figured I would give this drop style a try. I was worried it would taste funny but no, this has a slight lemon fragrance/flavor to it, very nice. It isn't sweet or anything, very easy to take. The dropper has the line on it that lets you know how many mL's, and per instructions you are supposed to take 0.05mL (1000IU). This vitamin D3+K2 absolutely no animal byproducts in it. There are no preservatives, coloring, and sweeteners. I really like this and will continue to take it.

- Emilie C., posted on Amazon


Worth every penny

Ovaterra Vitamin D Review 5 Stars

At first, you may be thinking $35 is a lot for a little bottle of liquid. It is completely and utterly worth it. 1 drop gives you the same amount of K2 and D3 that most other capsule supplements give. You get a whopping 600 servings here. This will last you quite awhile. It's also more space efficient, being in liquid form. Also, liquid supplements tend to absorb better (you can even put them under your tongue for more direct absorption).

Worth. Every. Penny.

- Amazon customer


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