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Ovaterra Review Highlights from 2022


We love hearing from you at Ovaterra. Your feedback on our reproductive health supplements guides our product development and improvements in important ways.

We also genuinely appreciate it when you share with us your struggles - as well as small and big wins - on your fertility journey. Your trust matters a lot to us, and we strive every day to honor it with quality products that can make a real difference on your journey.

Here's a small sample of what you've told us about your experience using Ovaterra supplements to support your reproductive health. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and please keep them coming in 2023.


Advanced Prenatal

  • Finally a prenatal multivitamin with everything I was looking for - iron, methyl folate and choline. I can make one purchase and it covers all my needs as someone over 40 trying to conceive.
  • I started using Ovaterra’s prenatal a month before getting pregnant and I’m so glad I found it. I’ve run it by my two OBGYNs and my dietitian. They are all impressed with the nutritional breakdown. I feel good knowing that I’m providing essential nutrients to my future baby. :)
  • Buy them.
  • No more multiple bottle refills. You only need this one!
  • Love the convenience of daily pouches.
  • Pouches feel wasteful. They are convenient, though. Please make them compostable.
  • I highly recommend these to women who are looking for a total and complete prenatal vitamin supplement.

Advanced Prenatal


Advanced Prep 35-39

  • It’s best to read "It Starts with the Egg" first. You will feel good and confident about taking Advanced Prep 35-39. I trust this.
  • I took the box to my doctor’s appointment so that she could look over the ingredients, and she thinks it’s a great idea to take these to assist in conception!

Advanced Prep 35-39


It Starts with the Egg Preconception Packs

  • I’m a physician assistant myself and loved knowing the science behind why we take the supplements that we do, and seeing studies to support what amounts are most beneficial and for whom. The price is worth it to know I’m doing my best to set myself and my future little one up for a healthy pregnancy and healthy life!
  • Reading “It Starts with the Egg,” I was very overwhelmed by all the supplements mentioned. I was happy to find this preconception pack, created by Ovaterra with the author of the book. Now I know I’m getting all the supplements I need!
  • No brainer.
  • Sets my mind at ease.
  • Just started on the It Starts with the Egg Preconception Pack and I already feel a greater sense of health. Knowing I’m taking steps to make my dream a reality sets my mind at ease.
  • I feel more confident in my TTC journey, taking these supplements. I feel the quality of the ingredients is so much higher than what I was previously taking.

It Starts with the Egg Preconception Supplement Packs


Fertinatal DHEA for Women

  • The best DHEA on the market. Highly recommended by my doctor.
  • Fertinatal is the only brand of DHEA I trust :)
  • I’m following the "It Starts with the Egg" recommendations and taking Fertinatal DHEA for the quality of my eggs. I’m cautious with what supplements I take and which brands I use. I fully trust Ovaterra.
  • I’m convinced that adding this good quality DHEA to my supplements made a huge difference in my fertility journey. The tablets are small and easy to swallow. Delivery is efficient. Totally recommend.

Fertinatal DHEA for Female Fertility


OvoEnergen Ubiquinol CoQ10 for Women

  • High dose, super-easy to swallow, no stomach upset.
  • My doctor recommended OvoEnergen CoQ10. They have no impurities. I love them.
  • Just started my journey and I’m excited to start with OvoEnergen, the CoQ10 recommended by doctors. Excellent quality.

OvoEnergen CoQ10 for Egg Quality


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