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How to Naturally Improve Sperm Quality

Last updated November 05, 2013

You and your wife are ready to start a family and you are both unhappy that it just isn’t happening. Once it is determined that your wife is not experiencing fertility problems, you will then need to look to yourself. It is good to know there are natural ways to improve sperm quality to help that wished-for pregnancy become a reality.

Ways to Naturally Improve Sperm Quality

Healthy Diet

Simply by changing your diet, you can achieve a fertility boost and improve sperm quality. In a world where fast greasy food has become the norm, obesity is a common contributing factor to a low sperm count and even impotence. No one expects you to give up all the comfort foods you love, but try to eat plenty of vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruits and legumes. Additionally, try to avoid tobacco products, alcohol, coffee and tea, which are known to decrease male fertility.

Keep Cool

You can improve your sperm count by keeping things cool. Heat is known to reduce the production of sperm. Avoid sitting in hot baths and lounging in a jacuzzi. Give up those tight-fitting underwear in favor of some loose boxer shorts.

Regular Sex

Having sex regularly and often actually improves the quality of sperm. It is simply an old wives tale that it is a good idea to abstain from sex in order to build up your sperm count. In truth, each time a man ejaculates he has the opportunity to rid himself of old or damaged sperm and replace it with new healthy sperm. The sperm count is usually higher in the mornings, so this would be a good time each day to try to achieve that pregnancy.


Fertility supplements have been available to women for years. One of the newest fertility supplements now offered for men is called Androenergen. It is used to encourage the development of healthy sperm for men in need of fertility support. A Coenzyme Q10 supplement that offers antioxidant protection and energy boost for healthy sperm development, Androenergen is available without a prescription.

Any of these things should help you naturally achieve better sperm quality. Do what you need to get your body ready and get started on making your beautiful, happy and healthy family.



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