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Basic Reproduction Tips for TTC Couples

Last updated November 19, 2013

For couples trying to conceive there are a few things to keep in mind to increase the chances of conception. Many of these things are a matter of common sense, such as increasing the frequency of having sex and tracking the woman’s cycle to find out when she is ovulating (a few days before and during ovulation is prime baby-making time), but there are other things you may want to consider that are not so obvious.

Sexual Position

Some experts believe maximum penetration and ejaculating the sperm as close to the cervix as possible is ideal when trying to conceive. Using gravity in one’s favor is also recommended. For these reasons the missionary position might be the most effective. Some experts also suggest that the woman lie on her back for 10-20 minutes after intercourse with a pillow under her hips to facilitate the reception of the sperm.

No Lubricants

Research suggests that any type of lubricant has a de-concentrating effect and may further disrupt sperm travel and efficacy. Even saliva is believed to be detrimental. If lubricant is a must during love-making, doctors suggest buying something water-based.

Get Technical

There are plenty of tests out there, such as cervical mucus tests and taking one’s body basal temperature, which will help track the body’s fertility and allow one to scientifically maximize the odds of getting pregnant. Going to these extremes is of course a matter of preference. Some couples find these scientific facts interesting and amazing, others find that so much scientific testing and scheduling ruins the romantic quality of their love-making and turns it into a chore.

Make It Fun

With so much discussion of fertility and the pressure to make a baby, couples are often surprised to realize how boring and unsatisfying sex can be. Many initially believe that abandoning their birth control methods will lead to more satisfying and spontaneous sexual encounters, but quickly feel like the whole process has become regimented and mechanized. In many ways the mind/body connection is still a mystery, and it may not be a stretch to say that negative feelings and stress associated with sex could prevent pregnancy just as much as biological factors. Shortcuts shouldn’t be made at the expense of romance and foreplay.

Note: If a couple has been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for a year, a doctor’s visit is recommended, as issues of low fertility or infertility may need to be addressed.

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